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Bro. K. K. McLeish - RWM

A message from the Master

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to this website and offer you warm fraternal greetings from myself, the Past Masters and Office Bearers of the Lodge.  

I hope you find the site informative and that it gives you a valuable insight into the workings and history of this Antient Lodge.  The Lodge has a long distinguished history and is reputed to be one, if not the oldest Masonic Lodge in the world.  It has historical connections to Melrose Abbey dating from its building in 1136 and this is reflected in our Annual Mason's Walk and pilgrimage to the Abbey on the date of Installation on 27th December each year.

Being the newly Installed RWM of the Lodge I can assure any Brother who wishes to visit the Lodge a very warm welcome.  Thank you for visiting the website and please visit again soon.

Bro. Kevin K. McLeish -  RWM.
What's Next ... and then
Saturday 21 June 2014 at 9am

The Brethren meet the Melrosian at Newstead

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Monday 30th June 2014 at 7pm

Regular Meeting ::  Passing
In the Corn Exchange, Melrose
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Latest News

The Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1 supports Local Dance School to raise funds for charity.

The Michelle Douglas School of Dance was founded in 2006, providing children in Kelso and the surrounding area with fun, energetic dance classes. Popularity of the classes has increased dramatically over the past four years and now classes are branching out into other areas of the Borders including Duns, Earlston, Melrose and beyond.  This thriving business has gone from strength to strength.  Michelle has a wide range of experience and has coached all age groups, from nursery kids to high school clubs and through to adults and all abilities. Michelle has a passion for dance and aims to inspire youngsters to keep active through dance and make it accessible to as many individuals as possible.

In addition to this Michelle and her students have raised thousands of pounds for charity though dance activities and shows, the flagship performance being the annual “Dance to Fight Poverty” held in the Tait Hall in Kelso which enjoys sell out performances by her students from all over the Borders.   The dance show has become more and more popular over the years and as a result it will be held over three nights this year.  This is a professionally organised show giving the students experience of a professional show environment and the confidence to perform in front of a large crowd while at the same time raising cash for “Danceaid”, a charity which The Michelle Douglas School of Dance has been supporting for a number of years now.

Danceaid is a new and exciting charity that harnesses the energy of dance to transform the lives of vulnerable children.  The charity wants to raise the UK and beyond to its feet to help orphaned, poor, and exploited children in the developing world, and also here in the UK!

When the members of the Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1 learned about the good work that Michelle does with youngsters in the Borders and the excellent charity work achieved they decided to offer some financial help to assist with the increasing costs of putting on a professional show and presented a cheque to the value of 250 prior to the regular meeting of the Lodge on Monday 7th April 2014.  The 2014 Dance to Fight Poverty Performance in the Tait Hall, Kelso will be on 19, 20 & 21 June 2014 and tickets (4) will go on sale from 4th  May.  More information can be found at


Michelle Douglas

Brethren from the Lodge are pictured presenting a Cheque for 250 to Michelle Douglas.

L to R:  Bro. Gordon McClory, Bro. James Thom, Bro. Kevin McLeish RWM, Michelle Douglas and Bro. Ken Ross.

Kian Marrian

Brethren from the Lodge are pictured presenting a
Cheque for 200 to Kian Marrian.

L to R:  Bro. Gordon McClory, Bro. James Thom, Bro. Kevin McLeish RWM,
Kian Marrian and Bro. Ken Ross.

The Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1 helps Kian on his way to help others


Kian Marrian is a 17 year old pupil in his sixth year at Earlston High School studying for his Highers & Advanced Highers.

Next September Kian will be going to Malaysia for 12 months with a charity called Project Trust.  While out there Kian will be staying in a boys' home on the edge of the Bornean Rainforest.  The home is for under-privileged boys ranging from the age of 8 to 18 and there are roughly 50 to 60 boys in the home.  The boys have many issues ranging from just being educationally disadvantaged to some that have extremely serious problems at home and that is why they are now being cared for at the home.  Kian will primarily be teaching English, however, he will also be teaching the children essential life skills and other skills such as cooking, gardening and swimming etc.  Kian will also have a chance to teach them some sports and music, both of which he has a passion for.  

This is an amazing opportunity for Kian and he really hopes that he will be able to make a real difference to the lives of some of these children while out there.

In order to do this Kian needs to fundraise 5, 600 before he goes, therefore, on leaning about this exciting opportunity and how less fortunate children can be helped the members of the Lodge decided to donate 200 towards Kian’s fundraising efforts.  Further information about Kian’s trip can be found in his leaflet.

German Brethren visit our Antient Lodge

During their visit to Scotland six Brethren from The Johannisloge Wilhelm Zur Deutschen Treue in Hanover managed to fit in a brief visit to our Lodge on 9th April 2014 during their “Masonic” visit to Scotland.  They were welcomed into the Lodge and were given a few facts about the history of The Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1 with the assistance of Bro. Victor Lord Denovan, RWM of the Lodge St. John Stow, who speaks German.  Afterwards we were invited back to their Guest House where Masonic stories were exchanged accompanied by fine food, wine and Malt Whisky. 


The Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1
donates to local  Food Bank

As the economic climate, in some cases, continues to decline it is unfortunate that more and more families are becoming more dependant to emergency food parcels.  Six Churches in Galashiels have started a Food Bank which donate emergency food parcels to families in crisis from Galashiels, Tweedbank, Gattonside and Melrose who have been referred by one of a number of professional agencies.  It was proposed that the Lodge should support the Food Bank Scheme and further to discussions with representatives from the Churches it was agreed that the Lodge gives a monthly donation to assist with the purchase of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for the food parcels.

Bro. James Thom Installed as
Provincial Junior Warden

The Lodge's Worshipful Senior Warden, Bro. James Thom, was installed as the Worshipful Provincial Grand Junior Warden of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Roxburgh, Peebles and Selkirk Shires  at the Installation of Provincial Office Bearers at the Regular Communication of the Provincial Grand Lodge on Saturday 15th February 2014.  The well supported meeting was held in the premises of Lodge St. Ronan's No. 856.
Bro. James Thom :: WPGJW PGL RPSS

Melrose 1bis supports Local High School

with Mini Bus Purchase

The Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1 is pleased to have supported a Sub Group of the Earlston High School Parent Council with the purchase of a Mini Bus.

The school was lucky enough to win a competition run by Motor Dealers Arnold Clark for the Free Loan of a Mini Bus for school use.  At the end of the Free Loan Period the school had the option to buy the mini bus out right and a Sub Group of the School's Parent Council were tasked with Fundraising to complete the purchase.  

In support of their efforts the Lodge donated 250 towards the purchase balance just prior to the Regular Meeting of the Lodge on Monday 3 February 2014 which was gratefully received by the Sub Group of the Parent Council.  

Pictured is Bro. Hall Jeffrey (Substitute Master). Bro. Kevin McLeish (Right Worshipful Master), two members of the Earlston High School Parent Council Sub Group and Bro. James Thom (Worshipful Senior Warden) at the presentation of the 250 Cheque.

Past Master Bro. Kevin installed as RWM

At our Regular Meeting and Annual Installation on 27th December 2013 Bro. Kevin K. McLeish was again installed as RWM of our Antient Lodge

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Bro. K. K. McLeish - RWM

Bro Kevin McLeish
Master Elect Announced

At our Regular Meeting on Monday 7th October 2013
Bro. Kevin McLeish PM was Nominated and Elected

as RWM for 2013 - 2014.

The Brethren congratulated Bro. Kevin who said he is
looking forward to being in the Chair once again

History Book Relaunched

Many years ago, the late Bro. Drummond took to his typewriter , used his knowledge and research to write a book about the history of our Lodge.  This was done in his own spare time at his own expense and proved to be very popular.  A limited number of copies were produced and eventually stocks became depleted.  

Our Lodge is reputed to be one of the Oldest Masonic Lodges in Scotland, if not "The" Oldest.  The Brethren thought it was important that this history was able to be shared again and set to work to update and reproduce Bro. Drummond's book.

We are pleased to announce that a professionally produced update of the book is now available giving an insight to the history of our Antient Lodge as well as some of the characters that were members.   It is an essential read for anyone who has a special interest in Masonic History.

Copies of the book are available from the Lodge at a cost of 10

History Book

Bro. Hall Jeffrey - 50 years in the Craft

50 Years in the Craft

Our Substitute Master, Bro. Hall Jeffrey, celebrated being in the
Craft for 50 years this year.

Bro. Hall was Initiated on 18 March 1963, Passed on 21 October 1963, Raised on 4 November 1963 and Advanced on 16 December 1963.  Hall is a dedicated, popular and well respected member of the Lodge who very rarely misses a meeting and is always ready to give his support in any way he can.

Within his 50 years in the craft Bro. Hall has served in every office in the Lodge with the exception of RWM, however,  you never know, there is still time yet.

Bro, Hall, (right) is pictured with the Immediate Past  Master, Bro. Philip Titley, who is presenting him with his 50 Year Diploma at our Regular Meeting on Monday 24 June 2013.

Congratulations, Well Done& Thank You Hall!!

Bro. George - Honorary Member

At the Regular Meeting of the Lodge on Monday 24 June 2013 Brother George Donnelly, Past Master of Lodge St. Ebbe, No.70 and Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master of the province of East Lothian & Berwickshire became an Honorary Life Member of
The Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1.

Bro. George was one of our RWM's Installing Masters and has been a personal friend for many years and is a regular supporter of the Lodge.

Bro. George (right) is pictured receiving a Lodge Tie from
Immediate Past Master, Bro. Philip Titley.

Congratulations & Welcome George!

Bro. George

Melrose Festival Tour of Ceremonies at Newstead 2013

Melrose Festival Tour of Ceremonies

During the Tour of Ceremonies to mark the end of the Melrose Festival the Melrosian and his followers make their first stop the site of the original Melrose Masonic Lodge at St John's Wynd in Newstead.

The 2013 Melrosian, Sam Thomson, was joined by his principals and an impressive amount of supporters who braved the showery weather to attend the short ceremony at Newstead on Saturday 22nd June 2013.

On that occasion Bro. Philip Titley, IPM, presented the Melrosian with a print of the building that once stood on the spot in Newstead where the ceremony takes place.

1bis Support The Margaret Kerr Unit Appeal

On the 20th November 2012 Brethren from The Lodge of Melrose St. John No.1 presented a cheque for 1, 000 to Mr James Marjoribanks, Chairman of "The Difference Fundraising Appeal" as construction of the Borders First Palliative Care Unit continues.  The unit is named after a nurse whose wish it was that some day the Borders would have its own Palliative Care provision after her Sister became terminally ill.   For more information about the appeal or to make a donation click on this link: 

Bro. Kevin G. Storey, along with other members of  the Lodge presented the cheque to James Marjoribanks who thanked the Brethren very much and intimated that the appeal was overwhelmed by the support the people in the Borders have given.

Margaret Kerr Unit Appeal

Youngsters head to help others in Peru

A donation from the Lodge on 20th November 2012 will help Alice Thomson and nine others get on their way to Peru.  The Right Worshipful Master, Bro. Kevin G. Storey, presented Miss Alice Thomson and some other members of the group a cheque for 200, this was coupled with another cheque for 200 which was kindly donated by the Borders Youth Support Scheme (BYSS).

On behalf of the group Alice thanked the Brethren and said "We are a group of 10 pupils going on an educational and charitable trip to Peru. Whilst there, we will be visiting centres for the street boys around the country, supporting and interacting with children who have had to overcome terrible difficulties in their lives. We will also be participating in a maintenance project to help secure the future safety of such children. We will be travelling around the country for 16 days and are all hoping to learn a lot from our experience".

Mark Master Mason Diploma Presented.

At the Regular Meeting of the Lodge on Monday 1st October 2012 Bro. Kevin Storey, RWM, had the pleasure of presenting Bro. George Foster with his Mark Master Mason's Diploma further to being Advanced to that Degree in April.

Bro. George was Initiated in to Lodge Lord Barnard 2935 in South Shields in the Province of Durham (EC) in 1990 and was Passed to the Fellow Craft Degree in the same year.  In February 1991 George was Raised to the High & Sublime Degree of  a Master Mason.

Bro. George Affiliated to Melrose in April 2011 and voluntarily went through the First, Second & Third Degrees again under the Scottish Constitution and finally Advanced to the Degree of  Mark Master Mason in April 2012.

An enthusiastic Mason, George is employed by Borders College as a Management Assessor and his hobbies include motorhome traveling, walking and faithfully following the fortunes of the Scotland Rugby Team.

The Melrosian Meets The Masons

The 2012 Melrosian, Graeme Crawford, along with his followers met the Masons at the site of the Original Lodge at St. John's Wynd in Newstead on the morning of Saturday 23 June 2012 during the Melrose Festival Tour of Ceremonies.

On that occasion the RWM, Bro. Kevin Storey presented the Melrosian with a print of the original Lodge.

Installed Masters Diploma Presented

It was with great pleasure that Bro. Philip Titley, IPM, presented our new Right Worshipful Master, Bro. Kevin G. Storey with his Installed Masters Diploma which was presented at Bro. Kevin's first regular meeting as Master on Monday 6th February 2012.

Masonic Lecture

Bro. Philip Titley, IPM had the pleasure of  delivering a lecture to the assembled Brethren of the Caldwell Lodge No. 3201 EC in Cambridgeshire on the 17th January 2012 at the invitation of Bro, David Lea, RWM with the kind permission from the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

The Lecture was on the Origins of Scottish Masonry and in particular those of the Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1, which is a subject that is close to Bro. Philip's heart.

A copy of the lecture can be found by clicking the link opposite.

Lecture on The Origins of Scottish Masonry and in particular those of the Lodge of Melrose St. John No.1
By Bro. P. J. Titley IPM

Bro George Alexander - Honorary Member
Honorary Life Member
Bro. George Alexander, a Past Master from  
Lodge St. John Selkirk No. 32 was made an
Honorary Life Member of our Lodge at our meeting on
5 December 2011

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A Win for Melrose

The Annual Bowling Match with
Lodge Dalkeith Kilwinning No.10 was hosted
this year by 1 bis at Tweedbank.

Our team was successful in bringing back th
Brotherstone Rose Bowl Trophy

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2011 bowling comp

Honoray Members from No. 10
Honorary Life Membership Presented

At the Regular Meeting on Monday 27th June 2011
Honorary Life Membership was presented to two
special brethren from Lodge Dalkeith Kilwinning No. 10.

[read more]

Honorary Life Membership for Bro. Allan Marshall

At the Regular Meeting on Monday 28th June 2010
Bro. Allan Marshall, Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master
received  Honorary Life Membership.


RWM with Bro. Marshall - RWIPPGM

RWM with Bro. Jim Bird
Bro. Jim's Distinguished Service Recognised

At the Regular Meeting on Monday 28th June 2010 a very special presentation was made to a very special Brother

Master Masons Diploma Presented

Bro. Matthew Titley was presented with his Master Masons Diploma
by his Father, Bro. Philip Titley, RWM, at the  Regular Meeting on
Monday 28 June 2010.


RWM with his son Bro. Matthew Titley

Reigning Masters Team 2010
Reigning Masters Degree

The Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1 held a  Special Meeting on Friday 12th February 2010 and hosted a Reigning Masters Degree at which a number of the Reigning Masters from the Province of Roxburgh, Peebles and Selkirk Shires demonstrated  the working of a Second Degree.

Bro. Andrew - 50 Years in the Craft

At our Regular Meeting on 1st February 2010, the RWM, Bro. Philip J. Titley along with the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. Allan J. Marshall presented Bro. Andrew Burrell PM with his Jubilee Certificate from The Grand Lodge of Scotland to mark 50 years as a Freemason.

Bro.Titley & Bro. Burrell

Columns & Collection Plates made by Bill Thom
New Columns and Collection Plates
gifted to the Lodge

The Lodge saw the arrival of three new columns which were gifted by
Bro. James Thom along with a pair of collection plates which
were all made by Bro. Thom's father, Mr. Bill Thom.

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